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Published on November 19th, 2012 00:00

All cigarette consumers should know which ingredients are added to cigarettes they smoke. The main component of all cigarettes is tobacco, which determines the flavor and taste of a smoking product. In fact, most cigarette brands can possess a lot of tobacco varieties - blending diverse types of leaf from many tobacco growing regions. Lower amounts of other ingredients have been added to smoking products for many years-helping to monitor moisture levels, keeping product quality or working as binders. Particular food-type substances or flavorings are added to balance the pure tobacco taste, often replacing sugars that are lost during the curing process.

Smokers like when they have the possibility to choose and diverse ingredients allow producers to widen their brand portfolio and compete with other tobacco rivals. Some anti-smoking organizations declare that ingredients are used to make cigarettes more appealing to youngsters. With the help of World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, these representatives would like to see all these ingredients prohibited by the governments all over the world.

You should keep in mind that:

  • all tobacco products cause a particular risk to health, but according to many evidences, the ingredients giant tobacco companies use do not add to the health risks of smoking.
  • ingredients are not used by manufacturers to make their products attractive for kids, and there is no proof that they have this effect.
  • nicotine is not added to cigarettes – it is contained it tobacco.

Cigarette aficionados from such countries as Canada, Australia and the UK have historically gave preference to the taste of Virginia-style cigarettes, which possess a few or no substances.

According to statistics in the US and Germany, smokers enjoy smoking products that possess diverse types of tobaccos as burley or oriental which usually need the addition of substances. Such brands are called US blended. If the statement about addictiveness of ingredients had any ground, smokers would expect to see higher rates for smoking, lower rates for quitting and increased rate of smoking related illnesses in US blended markets. However, this is not true. The USA, where US-blended cigarettes are famous, and Canada, where the cigarettes smoked are Virginia, offer a good example to demonstrate this.

Tobacco giants would back restrictions of some ingredients if they were proved by adequate evidences. Many organizations consider that the baseless bans could in fact lead to major demolitions to the livelihoods of tobacco growers of burley and oriental tobacco all over the world. And for sure the ban on US blended cigarettes could drive many smokers to illicit cigarette market.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer.
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