Tobacco Giants to Test New Tobacco Products

Published on March 9th, 2011 11:51

Philip Morris USA and R.J. Reynolds, the leading tobacco companies in the U.S. and manufacturers of the legendary Marlboro cigarettes and Camel cigarettes, are set to introduce new smokeless tobacco products to test markets next month. The Philip Morris USA will debut new product line of Marlboro and Skoal and its major rival, RJ Reynolds will begin second phase of test-marketing Camel Sticks, Orbs and Strips.

The Marlboro-branded smokeless sticks are intended to adult tobacco users who are willing to get a smokeless tobacco product as an alternative to cigarettes. Skoal is launching a spit-less product intended to adult consumers of moist tobacco, who are willing to bet a spit-free alternatives, said a spokesperson for Altria Group Inc, owner of PM USA. “Nearly 25 percent of adult smokers are willing to try smokeless products,” stated the spokesman, mentioning that many moist tobacco consumers are also interested in spit-free products.

Philip Morris USA said the products will be distributed by several stores across Kansas, but denied to disclose the duration of test marketing period of these products.

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The Marlboro Sticks will come in four flavor styles: smooth mint, cool mint, original tobacco and rich tobacco. The Scoal spit-free products will come in the same flavor varieties as the Marlboro ones.

All styles of both Skoal and Marlboro will be available in packs by ten sticks and will be selling and advertised like all other tobacco products owned by the company, the spokesperson said.

R.J. Reynolds is carrying out test of its new products as well. The tobacco group has selected Charlotte and Denver as new test markets for the second round of test of its Camel Dissolvable line. The second phase begins two months after the company ended the first round of tests held in Columbus, Indianapolis and Portland.

After studying the feedback collected from the first round of testing of Camel Dissolvable products, the tobacco company has applied some modifications to the package design to make it closer to other smokeless tobacco products already available on the market, said David Howard, senior spokesman for Reynolds American. The spokesman explained that they enlarged the packages to provide more information to be written there. On-package information writes that the product contains nicotine and can be used for adult tobacco consumers only, and warns about the dangers of tobacco consumption. It also contains the child resistant properties.

All three varieties are available in mint flavor and come in packages by 12 products, according to Howard. Earlier, the Camel Orbs were available in 15 per pack, the Camel Strips were packed by 20 per pack and the Camel Sticks came 10 per pack.

Overall, the company was delighted with the results of the first phase of test, as they received positive feedback from adult tobacco consumers in the test markets and is now looking forward to new feedback and prospects. Test markets are selected basing on their make-up of the adult tobacco users and for the average loyalty to the Camel brand.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

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