Tobacco Curing Methods

Published on August 26th, 2013 00:00
Tobacco Curing

At present tobacco industry experts distinguish four curing processes utilized for curing tobacco cultivated for business reasons as: flue-curing, fire-curing, air-curing and sun-curing.

Flue-cured Tobacco

  • The most widespread curing process is identified as flue-curing. Utilized primarily in the production of cigarettes, the most popular type of flue-cured tobacco is Virginia. Appeared for the first time in the eastern U.S. state bearing the similar name, it is these days the most cultivated tobacco type across the world.
  • Flue-curing requires around a week and sets the organic sugar of the leaf, which possesses a large sugar and medium-to-high nicotine ingredients.
  • Flue-cured types need warm weather, dampness, light rain fall and a loam soil during its four-month cultivating season.

Air-cured Tobacco

  • Air-cured tobacco is usually cured preserving in constructions with a roof, however with open sides in order to permit air to easily flow into. This method requires from four to eight weeks.
  • Generally, air-cured tobacco is divided into dark air-cured and light air-cured tobaccos. Burley is the second biggest selling tobacco in the world that belongs to the light air-cured range. Burley is also called White Burley tobacco; it is mostly utilized to create cigarettes and fragrant mixes, while dark air-cured tobaccos are largely used in the manufacturing of chewing tobacco and snuff.
  • Burley is a considerably smaller plant compared to flue-cured Virginia sort, but with equally broad leaves.

Fire-cured Tobacco

  • Despite the fact that curing strategies could range, all fire-cured tobaccos are exposed to wood smoke in order to dry the leaves.
  • Fire-cured tobacco is usually darker in color, it is utilized mainly for pipe tobacco blends, snuff, and chewing tobacco and possesses a low sugar yet large nicotine content. Fire curing makes use of a closed barn identical to that utilized for flue-curing. Fire curing could require about 4 weeks.
  • Fire-cured tobacco is a stronger type of tobacco applied as a dressing for pipe blends, cigarettes, chewing tobacco and cigars.

Sun-cured Tobacco

  • A somewhat tiny amount of tobacco is sun-cured. Leaves are exposed to the sun with the purpose to get rid of the majority of their dampness before going through air-curing to finish the procedure. The most popular sun cured tobaccos are the Oriental tobaccos of Turkey, Greece and Balkans.
  • Oriental tobacco is distinguished by great aroma from small leaves, possessing low content of both sugar and nicotine.

Therefore Oriental tobacco is considered as very costly to harvest by numerous tobacco producers. Genuine - Turkish cigarettes consist of 100% unblended Oriental tobacco. Oriental tobacco is generally utilized in cigarettes, cigars, pipe or chewing tobacco.

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