Stop Smoking In Cars With Kids

Published on February 5th, 2010 14:21

Children are the most beautiful creation that is on the earth. They are the flowers of our life, they are all that we have and for the sake of whom we live. It is hard not to agree with this utterance. Our children gift us happiness, love, their positive emotions, gladden us by their smiles, catching laughter. Day by day we follow their development. We go through their failures as our personal and rejoice at their progress. But living in our present time, we should protect our kids and their health from the unpredictable environment that surrounds them.

smoking in car

However, how strange and senseless it won’t seem at first sight, sometimes we ourselves can injure our kids without making aware of it. Then, what must be said about the life which is outside our houses? That is awful indeed.

The illustrative example of that we injure our children’s health is our vicious habit to smoke in their presence, be it at home, in the car. Kids are permanently exposed to tobacco smoke which not without result affects their fragile health.

The missions of many states thoroughly analyze the problem which actually requires a special attention to be paid. Regardless lots of debates carried out on this topic, still it remains only in the air and few critical steps targeted at smoking cessation were adopted.

Though, Ontario province passed a really essential law which prohibits smoking in cars with kids under the age 16. The punishment for the violation of this new law comprises the penalty of 250$. The majority of Ontario population supported this law and declared that this is a fair decision. Now parents who are addicted to smoking eventually will think about their offspring.

There is no doubt that this law has lots of opponents who consider that provincial authorities intervene in their private life and point how to live and treat their children. And these opponents are smokers who put their personal wishes above their kids’ health.

One of the Ontario residents, R.L. Jackson, said that all his live he lived in a smoking environment. His father was a chain smoker, but this had no effect on him and his health. “It was the matter of my father whether to smoke in my presence or not,”- added he. Still the law banning smoking in cars with children gladdened him.

The scientists affirm that when you smoke in a car the nicotine contents and other harmful agents in the air is 27 times higher than their air contents in smoker’s house. Thus, it can be the reason of various diseases, starting with respiratory system problems, cardiac asthma and even can contribute to kid’s decease. Above all, few people think that hazardous substances soak into seat upholstery.

By the way, car shop assistants notice that the prices on secondhand cars in which were smoking their previous owners fall in price. The customers draw attention not only at car exterior view but also at smell inside of a car. It was found out that smoking so much as one cigarette inside of a car, the smell absorbs instantly and it is practically impossible to remove it even with the help of air freshener.

So before sitting with a burning cigarette in your mouth in a car with a child, think about the consequences.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer Copyright © 2010 TobaccoPub. All rights reserved.

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