Smoking Pregnant Women Could Affect Future Child’s Fertility

Published on July 28th, 2010 10:48

A recent study shows man’s fertility can be affected by mother’s habits as well as his own lifestyle.
According to a comprehensive research concerning the factors influencing on male reproduction ability, the attitude to smoking in pregnant women could have a considerable impact on her son’s fertility in adulthood.

Professor Richard Sharpe, the author of the research and the leading UK biologist declared that tobacco consumption and exposure to air pollution and harmful substances may be more hazardous in the first weeks of life of the fetus and infant than in the adulthood. Prof. Sharpe admitted that whereas damage inflicted to the body of an adult may be compensated by giving up negative habits, damage done to the fetus was likely to be constant.

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That may happen due to the hypothesis that toxins that reach the fetus in the womb reduce the amount of sertoli cells that are closely related to the development of the spermatozoids over a man’s adulthood.

While 20 percent of men in the United Kingdom have low level of active spermatozoids and British pairs are spending more than £2billion annually for treatment in IVF clinics, this discovery stresses the necessity of a pregnant woman giving her best for her unborn baby. Prof. Sharpe reviewed scientific evidence gathered from almost a hundred of studies devoted to the problems of male fertility and the influence of smoking, alcohol, exposure to toxins and obesity.

A research on the consequences of a considerable leak of harmful chemicals in a plant in Italy discovered no impact on the level of sperm counts of adult men; however, those who where fetuses at that time had low sperm counts when grew up.

The study by Prof. Sharpe’s team found that hazardous chemicals contained in tobacco smoke, food and household cleaning products are the factors that cause several birth defects in male infants’ genitals and are even increasing the risk of having testicular cancer in the adulthood. However, there is no reliable evidence that the same hazardous chemicals have an impact on adult men.

Prof. Sharp said that though there is a common belief that exposure to pesticide could affect adult men’ fertility, there is no sufficient evidence to confirm that. So, pregnant women should be aware that there are responsible for their unborn sons’ ability to be fathers and should give up smoking even before they become pregnant.

Another research, performed by Dr. Allan Pacey from the University of Sheffield has shown that smoking during pregnancy can reduce sperm count by as much as 40 percent. In comparison adult chain smokers can end up with a level of sperm count only 10 percent below average level.
Of course, there are many factors that as well severely affect male fertility such as sedentary lifestyle, venereal diseases and obesity. However, as sperm production in adult men can be affected even when they are in the womb, it is important for pregnant women to protect their baby boys from such risks by kicking down smoking before pregnancy.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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