Smoking among Teenage Girls is on Rise

Published on July 12th, 2011 12:35

Recently was concluded that more teenage girls smoke in comparison to boys. Could it be attributed to the attractive advertisement of tobacco industry that promotes smoking as something fun and stylish?

Nowadays the most desirable accessory for a great number of adolescent girls is a cigarette. The given trend started in the 90s, when girls began to overtake boys as smokers; the difference constituted 10% in 2004 with 26% of girls smoking in comparison to 16% of boys. The gap has dropped a little but girls are still smoking more than boys.

smoking teenage girls

Smoking is described as a way in which some adolescent girls ardently oppose the “good girl” identity. For instance in 2011, when Kate Moss was smoking on the Louis Vuitton podium and Lady Gaga broke the law by lighting up on stage; cigarettes evidently have lost none of their sinful appeal. At present tobacco industry is using illegal techniques to appeal to girl fantasies, through sponsorship. Cigarette producers have been repeatedly accused of using YouTube for placing videos of modern and sexy smoking teenage girls, British American Tobacco promoted its Lucky Strike cigarette brand in several London’s nightclub. Also were organized underground discos to promote Camel, where free cigarettes were handed out.

Adolescent girls are very susceptible to the tobacco industry ads. Megan, 15 lighted up her first cigarette two years ago. “I think that I am cool when I smoke, it makes me feel grownup.” Sara 21, started to smoke at 15. “We were always lying about our age and thought that smoking made us look a little older.”

Teenagers often suffer from the absence of self-esteem. Several studies have found out that smoking makes you one of those “top girls”, who are popular, rebellious, confident and who are know how to esteem oneself. Non-smokers are usually more sensible than those from the group of “top girls”.

Some one smoke in order to relax, lightning a cigarette is a way of overcoming the stress. According to a research twice as many teenage girls suffer from the so called teen angstrom as boys.

Amanda Amos, professor of health promotion declared that social class also affects the decision to start smoking. More needy teenage girls smoke, and they are always less likely to give up. But why boys are not equally affected? “Top boys” have other ways of showing their prestige, as sport .Girls want to be thin that is why they believe that smoking helps them to keep their weight down.

Even in 20s the president of American Tobacco declared that he could attract women in cigarettes by selling them a fat-free way to satisfy hunger. For instance the Lucky Strike advertisement of 1925 “Reach for Lucky instead of a sweet” was one of the first campaigns aimed at women, which raised its market share by 200%.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

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