Smokeless Tobacco More Dangerous than Cigarettes

Published on June 24th, 2010 13:23

Many smokers start to use smokeless tobacco because they think that it will help them to quit easier. But unfortunately they do not think of the smokeless products result. For example, a recent study found that smokeless tobacco’s negative effects are not just bound to the mouth but it can also harm the normal function of a key family of enzymes found in nearly every organ in the human body, according to a recent study.

smokeless tobacco

As it is known the enzymes play a very important role in producing of hormones, like the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. Such enzymes also can produce cholesterol and vitamin D, and even help the body breakdown prescription drugs and possible toxic substances.

A group of health experts added that smokeless tobacco also harms genetic substance in the liver, kidney and even lungs. They argued that every day use of smokeless tobacco can increase the risks of gum disease and oral cancer.

The possible carcinogens and other harmful ingredients in chewing tobacco and other smokeless tobacco products are assimilated into the blood and go throughout the body. At the moment scientists have not so much information about smokeless tobacco’s effects on other parts of the human body. That’s why they decided to investigate the changes in enzymes and genetic material in laboratory rats using also smokeless tobacco products. In the end of investigation researchers found that smokeless tobacco extracts can change the function of the so-called CYP-450 family of enzymes. As it is know in our days these products are in vogue are used around the whole world but are most frequently used in Northern Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean region.

Researchers concluded that most of the users seem to be not enough informed about the harmful health effects of these products and most of them usually use smokeless tobacco to ‘treat’ toothaches, headaches, and stomachaches.

This false sensation only encourages tobacco use among youth people. Unfortunately the use of smokeless tobacco is used not only by men but also by children, teenagers, and even women.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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