Santa Monica Smokers out of the City

Published on October 18th, 2010 13:06

After Santa Monica’s smoking ordinance took effect on September, 9, the majority of dwellers living in multiple family residences have encountered a single problem of having nowhere to go.

Last year’s accrual of the No Smoking Ordinance that added public places such as courtyards within apartment buildings to the list of areas the government bans smoking is insignificant if compared to this year’s addition of patios, balconies, porches ant other outdoor places that come within 25 ft of another’s property.

Any violation of the Edict 2318 will be penalized by a court-ordered fine, and just requires a short notification phone call to Santa Monica Police. Patricia Hoffman, co-chairman for Santa Monicans for Renter’s Rights is against the accrual of the edict primarily because this expansion lacks protection for dwellers of multi-family residents by “not creating places for people to get evicted.”

smoking on the beach

Hoffman said that she knows a lot of families where the children have been in and out of rehabilitation, do not use drugs anymore, but continue to smoke. “And in case the family should get evicted from such controlled apartment, that put a significant burden on people,” stated Hoffman.
“Smoking is not safe at any level,” stated Adam Radinsky, Santa Monica’s Deputy City Attorney for Consumer Protection. But Hoffman thinks that Radinsky is culpable of “changing statistics” because secondhand smoke has been proved to be dangerous, but there is no any fixed limit to how much you can be exposed to.”

Radinsky declared that the majority of laws are made by edict, national laws, city and state and these laws help make it easier for residents.” Though it is still legal to smoke inside the multi - family residents, that probably will be the next to go, as such laws have been always passed in phases.

In Santa Monica there are many buildings with shared ventilation residents in which secondhand smoke could move from one resident to another, and Radinsky stated that this is one more issue the city council is already investigating.

Also, Radinsky names the constitutionality of City Hall’s decision to prohibit smoking on privately rented outdoor areas as “a non-issue”. The U.S. Constitution doesn’t protect the right to smoke and nobody will be excluded from the new law, the same as no dwellers received the right to vote on accrual the ordinance.

Even some representatives and workers within City Hall seem to be fighting with the ban. As stated Sandra Santiago, she saw many well dressed men and women leaping out from behind trees and bushes, hiding a cigarette and it looked quite funny.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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