Reynolds American Defends its Camel Advertisements

Published on July 30th, 2013 00:00
Camel Crush

Reynolds American is convinced that its Camel Crush advertisements are in conformity with a settlement that bans cigarette manufacturers from focusing on children. Several health groups are requesting at least two state lawyers to take a look at the new Camel cigarette advertisement campaign.

The team states the Camel Crush cigarette advertisements that are placed in over 25 magazines are targeting youngsters and could infringe the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. The landmark settlement, along with other steps, bans cigarette producers from focusing on children.

Reynolds American representative Richard Smith stated that the company, which makes the Camel brand, is convinced the advertisements are complying with the agreement. Furthermore, he stated the company evaluates the audience data and examines the editorial content of the publications it promotes in order to guarantee it is aimed mostly on adults; it just advertises in magazines whose adult readership is 85% or higher.

The advertisement, which the health organizations state appeared in such magazines as Sports Illustrated and People, markets the company's new Camel Crush brand, possessing menthol capsule in the filter. It is already not the first time when Reynolds American company has encountered critique for its advertising. Reynolds was broadly criticized for decades for making use of its Joe Camel cartoon figure as the main tool to make cigarette smoking more appealing to children. It has already confronted with numerous legal cases over a number of its advertisements.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco determined in 2007 to hold its print advertisements for Camel cigarettes under strong critique for its ad. The company carried on to market other Camel cigarettes such as its smokeless tobaccos. The company stated that it is convinced the advertising of smoking products should not be focused on youngsters and that the cigarettes are produced for and advertised only to adult tobacco consumers. Whilst print advertisements for cigarettes are prohibited in various countries, they are 100 % legal in the United States. Cigarette advertising is already prohibited from the radio, television and billboards. Cigarette companies on the other hand have counted on direct marketing and other strategies to promote their products.

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By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer.
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