Premium Cigarette Manufacturers and Their Famous Brands

Published on June 12th, 2012 00:00

Today’s cigarette market is full of a great range of cigarette brands, some of them are available in one country and less in another, mostly depending on the economical situation of smokers and fastidious preferences. Some give preference to classic cigarettes, others to menthol, lights or slims. Slim cigarettes are generally smoked by women smokers, however taking into account current anti-tobacco actions, men also started to choose slim cigarettes as their favorite. At present there are a variety of flavors and lengths of cigarettes. Particular brands are top-selling, others are less, however besides of such abundance there are some that are considered the best. Namely such cigarettes are known as Premium Cigarette. However before speaking about premium cigarette brands, let’s look through the history of cigarettes.

The history of first cigarette goes back to 6000 BC. Researches declare that it appeared in America and among the first smokers were Maya people. At those times, smoking was mostly used as part of various rituals. Already in 17th century Spain spread smoking habit throughout other countries and in 1830 France created the modern look of a cigarette.

Marlboro Red

Due to increased demand for tobacco products, English tobacco company Philip Morris launched the production of cigarettes, which are the most popular till present days. So, Philip Morris was the first cigarette producer, who developed tobacco industry to such an extent. It’s Marlboro, Parliament and L&M cigarette brands are known by all smoke lovers. Marlboro brand became the symbol of America and the famous cowboy Marlboro man was a symbol of masculinity. However not everyone knows that at the beginning Marlboro brand was advertised as a smoking product for ladies. Unfortunately that campaign failed and Philip Morris decided to present this brand for men. Till today Marlboro cigarette brand occupies the first position.

Lucky Strike Art

The following Premium Cigarette Brand producer is British American Tobacco (BAT) that was created by James Duke in 1902.  The most popular BAT’s cigarette brands are Kent, Dunhill and Lucky Strike that posses qualitative tobacco mixtures.

One more leading cigarette manufacturer is RJ Reynolds, which makes well-known Camel brand. Camel cigarettes brand was launched for the first time in 1913 and was the first cigarettes to be sold in packages. This brand gained appreciation of many smokers due to unique mixture of Virginia and Turkish tobaccos. Other well-known RJ Reynolds brand is Winston, which is a preferred by a great number of smokers.


Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken is the last premium cigarette manufacturer we wanted to talk about. It is a German company that started its activity in 1910, creating such brands as Davidoff, West, Boss and many others. Exquisite blends of tobacco, a diverse range of brands will satisfy the most fastidious smokers.
All cigarette manufacturer listed above occupy leading positions on the tobacco market due to a wide range of smoking products. So, everyone will have the opportunity to find his favorite brand.

Cigarettes Brands

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