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Published on January 16th, 2013 00:00
Davidoff iD

Our cigarette store is glad to present to all cigarette aficionados a new cigarette range in the well-known Davidoff brand family, introduced to make the uniqueness and heritage of this qualitative cigarette brand more affordable to smokers all over the world, called - Davidoff iD. “Currently we are making an important step in spreading the leadership of Davidoff in the premium cigarette segment. Davidoff iD is about finding and learning something new each day. Innovative Davidoff iD allows a premium smoking experience and the discovery of challenging iDeas,” states Gotje Rogall, Global Duty Free Brand Manager.

An exclusive blend of taste and a smooth American Blendflavor is a true masterpiece, states Imperial Tobacco. High-quality paper covers each cigarette and impressive tipping adds the finishing touch. ID has a very attractive package with original finishes, interesting details and bright ivory, orange and blue colors that come in contrast withits rich black color. “These color distinctions will help smokers orientate in the diverse range of cigarettes available on the market and undoubtedly discern the brand within its category,” states Rogall.

When the package is opened diverse trendy features will appear. Every iD detail is a creation of professional artists from all around the world. “Trendy, attractive and modern, this expressive design does wonders, transforming an ordinary cigarette package into a true artwork,” states Imperial Tobacco spokesman.

Davidoff iD Kind Size cigarette brand comes in three varieties:

The first launch of Davidoff iD brand took place this summer in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China; and has recently reached cigarette markets from Eastern European as Spain, Ukraine and Russia. “We consider that this is one of the most striking world launches in the history of Imperial Tobacco, intended to spread Davidoff’s premium portfolio to a larger group of smokers across the globe,” added Rogall.

The introduction of Davidoff iD range has helped Imperial Tobacco to increase cigarette volumes by 9 % in 2012,according to data presented on the company’s official website.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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