NATO Draws Up Results for the Tobacco’s 2012 Year

Published on January 30th, 2013 00:00
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As the 2012 year has passed, it is possible to draw up the results.  The past year can be described as the year in which just a couple of states passed increased cigarette and OTP taxes, a number of cities and counties decided implementing local limitations on tobacco products, and the FDA proceeded its regulatory measures. In this article is presented a list from the National Association of Tobacco Outlets of the main initiatives and challenges that NATO handled during 2012.

NATO Local Project: NATO reacted to over 50 regional tobacco prohibitions and laws in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York and Pennsylvania.  Due to NATO’s engagement in these regional ordinances, 65% of the suggested restrictions and rules were either not implemented or amended to be less problematic and less limited.

Advertising Ban Passage: With NATO as the main plaintiff in a legal action against the City of Worcester, a national district court judge passed the city’s tobacco advertising ban regulation that would have banned outdoor cigarette ads and in-store tobacco advertisements that could be vesible from park, school or any other public area.

Flavor Ban and Coupon/Promotion Ban: NATO sued Providence, R.I., looking to cancel a decree that prohibited the sale of particular flavored smoking products and a second ordinance that banned tobacco-coupon payoff and prohibiuted multi-pack tobacco advertising pricing and discount rates. A federal region court judge lately released a verdict maintaining the ordinances.

State Tobacco Legislation: Of all 23 states that suggested raising cigarette and OTP tax rates, three states approved cigarette-related tax raises. The states passing higher tax rates involve Illinois, Maryland and Rhode Island.

Membership Growth: NATO retail membership proceeded to develop with around 25,000 cigarette stores, convenience stores, groceries and liquor stores currently NATO members.

Public Relations: NATO extended its public relations workout this year by mailing commentary letters contesting either cigarette tax boosts or local tobacco laws to newspapers in Alabama, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. A national press release was also published encouraging a research carried out by Congress of the incorrect use of federal funds by local governments to lobby for implementation of tobacco-related prohibitions.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer.
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