Millions Use the Electronic Cigarettes Every Day

Published on September 8th, 2009 08:04

The FDA wants to prohibit electronic cigarettes because it considers that they have not been sufficiently tested and that’s why present a danger to the American inhabitants. Researchers consider that if electronic cigarettes will be banned then will appear a new problem, like black market for electronic cigarettes.


This is the main cause of the new war between the FDA and electronic cigarette supporters. Statistics show that millions of smokers use the electronic cigarette, declaring that they have not had the motive to go back to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Yes, it is true that the electronic cigarette looks and feels like a tobacco cigarette, but that is where the likeness ends. As it is known, tobacco cigarettes contain over 4,000 ingredients, while an e-cigarette contains only 20, none of which are carcinogenic.

Recently, the FDA tested the electronic cigarettes, and found that 1 out of 18 cartridges contained Diethylene glycol (DEG). However the FDA wanted to mention that DEG is also used as humectants in tobacco products such as cigarettes. By not giving all of the details, the FDA plans to utilize public conception for to affect policy.

The FDA has not prohibited the products yet, but they are planning to do this. With millions of ardent users of electronic cigarettes, it is predictable that a subterranean black market will appear if the FDA bans e-cigarettes.

The Food and Drug Administration argued that because electronic cigarettes are not covered by federal tobacco laws, that’s why they are also often easier for young people to buy.

If this last legislation will convince people that e-cigarette is not safer, nobody knows that. For example the alcohol was also banned but unfortunately it did little to reduce the demand for alcohol. Most experts and sociologists agree that prohibition was a total failure and contributed greatly to the rise of organized crime. And the alcohol industry became the province of gangsters operating a black market.

This is not what the electronic cigarette industry wants. They are ready to work with the FDA to endorse these methods that have the possibility to save lives. Matt Salmon, president of the Electronic Cigarette Association, said: "FDA to take a more scientific approach and to work with members of the ECA before making any rash decisions to ban e-cigarettes altogether. Such a ban would leave smokers without an alternative to combustible cigarettes, which are clearly documented and known for their unhealthy and life-threatening results and which the FDA has no intention of banning. The enormous response our members have received from the more than 1 million Americans undoubtedly demonstrates that smokers unable to quit desperately are looking for an alternative to cigarettes."

Earlier this year, the FDA gained the authority to regulate tobacco products for the first time. However, the agency already can regulate electronic cigarettes too. However they do not actually contain tobacco.

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