Menthol Flavoring and its Place in Cigarette Industry

Published on September 24th, 2012 00:00

Tobacco manufacturers are able to choose from more than 600 diverse substances that they can include in smoking products to change, for instance, the taste of tobacco, to keep it mild or on the contrary to improve its smoking qualities.
Menthol is the most wide spread additive used in cigarettes and moreover tobacco industry uses it for attracting more and more smokers. However, menthol is not obligatory used in cigarettes that have the word “menthol” but is also added to many other cigarettes as well, in small quantities that are not detected. Menthol flavoring is chosen not only its original taste but also due to diverse pharmacological effects it has on human body. During cigarette production process, menthol is either added to the tobacco or some other parts of the cigarette, as for instance filter or cigarette paper. As menthol is a very evaporating substance, with time it will spread over the whole package, regardless of its location. Menthol possesses a typical peppermint aroma and taste.

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The cooling, and a bit pain relieving effect of menthol decreases the irritation so often caused by cigarette smoke. In higher amount it also proved to have a pain-relieving effect. Due to its diverse effects, menthol is more than just a flavoring agent as it hides the unpleasant features of tobacco smoke, makes smoking process easier and softer.

Many studies are led in this field and the tobacco industry very often uses this flavoring. A lot of studies from the USA demonstrate that the use of menthol cigarettes is mostly spread among first-time smokers and youngsters. Probably it is the physiological properties of menthol, as easier inhalation, that increase the popularity of these cigarettes among young people. This also refers to women smokers who are more sensitive to effects produced by tobacco smoke than chain smokers.   

Already the fact that tobacco industry offers smokers two variants of menthol products and namely- cigarettes with a low and high concentration of menthol seems to demonstrate that it tries to satisfy the all categories of smokers. African-American and most male smokers give preference to cigarettes with high menthol concentration. It is evident that menthol cigarettes have already occupied their niche in the cigarette market, and will continue developing and spreading in order to attract more smokers to this addictive flavoring.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer.
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