Hookah Tobacco Smoking On the Upgrade

Published on June 26th, 2012 00:00

The shisha smoking culture which was once banned to the cosmopolitan cities has currently become one the most popular habit in smaller cities too and Mangalore is one of them. With some establishments that once started to advertise hookah smoking culture, teenagers were more attracted towards this trend. Despite the fact that district administration’s prohibit on shisha smoking in bars in the district, has become quite  relent, the fact that flavored hookahs are largely available in the city stores and are sold to youngsters demonstrate its great  popularity  among a significant layer of society.

Hookah Tobacco Smoking

The flavored hookah tobaccos sold in the market are mostly preferred by teens. From a great range of over 120 hookah flavors, not all are available in shops of Mangalore. These amazing flavors are intended to give cool sensations to the hookah smokers. However, with the prohibit on shisha smoking in bars and other establishments, at present the use of these flavors is restricted to those who own a hookah, which is available for about Rs 1,500.

The wide range of hookah flavors available in the present market vary from cherry, honey melon, mint to apple, grape and strawberries. Each of these flavors allows diverse smoking experiences and sensations to smokers. If for instance mint flavor gives a fresh, invigorating feeling a long lasting flavor, a strawberry will assure a sweet and mild taste.

At present tobacco market there are a lot of great hookah manufacturers, one of them are: Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco and Goldline Tobacco, which produces famous Ahram Hookah Tobacco. Both these companies assure its customers the most juicy, fresh and fruity hookah tobacco flavors. A 50 gram package of these hookah tobaccos cost at between $14 to $22 depending on the brand. Along the local flavors, the imported from the Arab nations are the most popular by the young people. However those imported are more expensive than the local once. According to a local student, since prohibit on the use of hookahs took effect, now teenagers generally smoke hookahs at their houses.

As producing hookah is itself a difficult task and only some have the ability to make it, the one who prepares the best of the hookah is the most popular. Speaking in favor of the youngsters who smoke hookah tobacco, the student added that as the tobacco content is quite less in flavored hookahs, a great number of teenagers quit smoking and switch to hookah.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2012 tobaccopub.net. All rights reserved.

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