Historical Facts about Cigars

Published on January 2nd, 2013 00:00

Cigars were smoked throughout the islands of the Caribbean Sea and also in Mesoamerica for many centuries before the Europeans discovered then in 15th century.
In the 19th century cigar smoking was a rather common thing while cigarettes were still quite rare. The cigar business was a very important industry; factories employed a lot of people before machine-operated production of cigars became something practical. Till today, the premium quality cigars are still made by hand.

The cigar became indissolubly related to political history on February 7, 1962, when American President John F. Kennedy passed a ban on trade with Cuba. The objective was to penalize the Cuban regime, but had the unintentional consequence of affecting Americans who liked smoking fine Cuban cigars. According to some sources, Kennedy ordered Pierre Salinger, his press secretary to buy 1000 Cuban cigars the day before passing the given ban. Till present days, Americans face a lot of difficulties while searching and purchasing premium Cuban cigars.
During the 1990’s in America, a lot of cultural events have led to the great popularity of cigar smoking.

Popular starts, radio and television shows, politicians, blue-collars workers, and even a great number of women were attracted to the taste and flavor of cigar. The sudden revival in cigar smoking resulted in a great demand that was complicated to supply. Moreover, the importance of America’s Cuban trade ban – passed 30 years earlier, before many of the new smokers were born- quickly became very evident. Many cigar retailers decided to earn on the craze, setting their own prices on every type of cigar brand. Some of them even refused to sell customers a whole box at a time, despite the fact that only a few could afford to.

In the rush to meet the growing demand, the quality of many premium cigars suffered for some periods of time. Consequently, consumer demand so far outstripped supply that many of those who took it up were forced to stop the practice completely. For the majority, this was mostly due to either absence of supply, or excessive prices. For other, the novelty of the vogue had simply   worn off. Nowadays, cigar prices have reached more reasonable prices, and the supply of the premium cigar brands is sufficient for those who still give preference to cigar smoking.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer.
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