Fulton Implements Smoking Ban in Indoor Place

Published on November 26th, 2010 11:19

Recently a ban on smoking in indoor places such as restaurants, workplaces and bars was approved in Fulton with 53.85 percent of the vote. “I knew that very soon we would reach our goal. We worked hard to make our community healthier. I am also very proud of Fulton citizens who have proved once again that they are ready to change the situation with health in our city,” stated Fresh Air Fulton organizer and wellness program director at Westminster College, Amanda Stevens.

The issue of whether or not to prohibit smoking in Fulton indoor places has been a quite hot topic over the past year, and the so called clash of interests was reflected in the result of the poll. “I voted in favor of this ban, because I am an allergic person and it would be very good to go out and not cough all the time,” stated Josh Pierce. “I don’t smoke and when it happens that I have to go to Columbia where smoking in public places is prohibited, I really enjoy it,” said Carey Case.

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Mark Burton also held up as a model the indoor smoking ban in Columbia, underlining that this ban “does not affect the financial situation over there and it shouldn’t make a difference here.”

Mike Diekamp also said that he voted in favor of this ban because “I believe that this is a very very good idea, as I am a non-smoker and I do not want my children be exposed to smoke”.

Christy Slizewski voted yes because she agrees that second-hand smoke is very dangerous for our health and she wants to live in a healthier environment. Her husband on the contrary took an opposing view. “I voted against of this ban, because I am a smoker. There are places where smoking is allowed and where not. So, it is by their choice, nobody forces people to enter in a restaurant where smoking is permitted,” he said.

For those who opposed the indoor smoking ban, it was an issue of violating of the rights of the business owners. “I do not think that the rights should be taken from the businesses, because it is their right. The business owners should be able to decide by themselves to permit it or not. This restriction is observed in those areas where there is no, smoking profits go down,” stated Jay Bass.

A heavy smoker Melissa Nigh stated that she voted against the ban for the same reason. “I voted no, not because I am a smoker, but because there are too many laws driving into people’s rights. I suppose that the businesses should have there own right to choose.”

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