Establishing Tobacco Crop Objectives

Published on December 1st, 2011 00:00

The tobacco industry and marketing are controlled through federal and provincial laws of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. And the Pakistan Tobacco Board tries to create co-relationship between plant production and all requirements of the tobacco industry.

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In conformity with legal demands, tobacco production and exporting companies are required to state their requirements by October 21 of each year in respect of future crop to the PTB. After negotiations between the Board and other stockholder like farmers, buyers and traders, etc., and considering such factors as crop size, prices and exports, these figures are completed. The aim of this action is to assure a balance between the demand for tobacco and the crop size.

The subsequent demands for 2012 crop indicated by companies and traders have been announced by the PTB to notify the farmers to plan tobacco production for 2012 crop respectively and also to evade crop deficit. The project requirements for tobacco crop 2012 of flue-cured Virginia tobacco, dark air-cured and white patta are lower by approximately 3, 34 and 2.3 % in comparison to the requirements presented by tobacco companies within 2011 while that of Burley is higher by more than 110%.

The tobacco farmers have been recommended to plan manufacture of tobacco crop 2012, hanging on the set purchase targets of tobacco industry. They have been also recommended to fulfill agreements with tobacco companies of their own choice so that any problem is encountered in its own marketing at reasonable prices. Also the companies will buy tobacco in accordance with their requirements.

The given efforts are directed at assuring a balance between tobacco demand and supply. All these attempts are compensated, in case tobacco is manufactured not in compliance with agreements. This has led to cultivation by tobacco growers of a crop size in excess of demand bringing to over-supply and successive price depression, not to stating difficulties in disposal of crop by small farmers facing severe financial collapse.

The main message is that tobacco farmers should not grow Virginia tobacco without negotiations, while tobacco firms should assure correspondence with the statutory provision of law which foresees the execution of agreements for the aimed requirements by the end of December, each consecutive year. It should be noted that tobacco farmers are recommended to grow only those tobacco varieties advised by the PTB in accordance to provision of the agreement concluded with tobacco companies. However, the tobacco firms have unwillingly purchased the non-advised varieties of flue-cured Virginia tobacco grown at famous growing districts of Mardan, Swabi and Charsadda within 2011 tobacco season.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

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