Difference Between Marlboro Red Hard & Soft Packages

Published on September 18th, 2013 00:00
Marlboro Red

The distinction between Marlboro Red hard packages and Marlboro Red soft packages is minimal. It all depends upon individual preferences and, from time to time, supply. The experienced cigarette user will find his best variant and won't like to change for anything else. In some cases a new smoker will hesitate in her decisions mainly since their store could be out of the hard package or could be out of the soft package.

Those who opt for soft package
A soft package of Marlboro Reds can be often seen in a person's shirt pocket. Smokers who like to get a cigarette swiftly with simply a flick of a wrist, similar to the soft box. The soft package also occupies less space than a hard package, as when the cigarettes decrease in number, the package compresses. So if generally you do not carry a handbag or a wallet, than the soft box is the best variant.

Those who opt for hard package
A package of Marlboro Reds will usually be found in someone's bag, or somewhere on the car seat. If you are keeping your cigarettes in your purse or in the car, probably you would like to have pieces of tobacco falling out of the cigarette package making a real mess, and most of all wouldn't want to see your cigarettes broken or damaged. The hard package will protect your smokes much better.

Taste distinction
Anyone who prefers soft packages will state they have a much better flavor and taste than the cigarettes in hard package, just like anyone who exclusively purchases cigarettes in hard packs will state that they taste better. There is any research proof that could support either side, it all falls to individual choice.

Size difference
Place a hard pack of Marlboro Reds next to a box of Marlboro Reds and you won't observe any difference in the size. They may be packed in a different way; however they have an identical size. It is not unusual for any smoker to fill up an empty hard package up with new cigarettes from a soft box. They are compatible.

Price difference
And, the last is the price difference, which generally doesn't vary. They cost the same.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer.
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