Cigars are More Dangerous For Youth

Published on June 10th, 2010 10:44

Recently scientists studied the use of cigarettes and cigars among young Canadians. And at the end of the investigation they remained shocked, because they found that Grade 10-12 students who regularly smoke cigarettes has reached 13%, up two percent from last year. But the numbers of those students in the same grades who have only tried cigs topped 50%, with 80% of grade 6-9 students. The recent study brought only more trouble among American health experts and parents.

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In the meantime, these rates should alarm parents and cancer organizations. But more alarming is the news that now cigars attract minors too. Health officials for a Smoke-Free Canada think that these cigarillos are as a trap that gets children more addicted to nicotine. The cigarettes and cigars differ not only in taste but also in wrapper. For example, cigarettes come wrapped in paper but cigars in tobacco leaf.

Whereas cigarette packs come labeled on both sides with warnings, but cigarillos need only carry warnings on the bottom back side of a package. Worse still, because cigarillos cost as the chocolate bars cost. If low prices fail to attract customers, however, flavors will.

Both traditional and online cigar shops sell fruit, rum, café crème, even chocolate flavored cigarillos. Cigarettes and cigars may look boring, but the brightly colored nicotine sticks are similar to the kinds of items children use every day.

Tobacco manufacturers argued that they only did what alcohol manufacturers had done, adding attractive fruit flavors to their products, marketing to consumers of legal age. So, links exist between smoking and alcohol use or even drug use according to a recent study.

Getting a grasp of contraband has never been a problem for teenagers. So, adults or even friends of legal age are willing to buy such products as alcohol and cigarettes, and they have always been around.

Children continue to smoke cigars and cigarettes without thinking about their harmful effects. And this is why officials need to take more severe anti-smoking methods.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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