Cigarette Holder – Genuine Fashion Accessory!

Published on March 2nd, 2012 00:00

At present, cigarette smokers usually have with them two objects like cigarette lighter and sometimes a cigarette holder. The last one is a very important add-on for real cigarette lovers as it allows smoking a cigarette without touching it. Cigarette holder also reduces the amount of microbes that could be transferred from the end of the cigarette to the smokers’ mouth.

cigarette holder

Cigarette holder is always in style, it represents a slender tube thanks to which a cigarette is held for smoking. Generally cigarette holders are made from wood, metal, plastic and even glass, and can be sometimes decorated with precious jewels that make them look stylish. Such a fashionable accessory will for sure give an elegant appearance to the owner.

Nowadays there are cigarette holders with a unique manual ejection system, in which the cigarette ash is shook down manually. Manufacturers went on and created holders with filtration system, which often possesses an acetate or charcoal filter. Probably such filter is a very good innovation, as it reduces the effect of smoking and makes the smoking process smoother. Many of these filters come in various flavors as for instance menthol or apple.

Cigarette holders are used not only by male smokers but also by fair sex. Most often women give preference to telescopic holders in order to make their look more elegant and finished. However this type of holder is also used among men who like the image of a macho man.

Currently manufacturers offer a great range of cigarette holders, for everyone’s tastes and preferences. The main benefit of cigarette holder is that it makes the smoking process easier and more pleasant, mostly for first time smokers. The use of cigarette holders has one more positive effect, besides allowing smokers a fresh and smooth smoking session; it reduces the amount of second hand smoke released in the environment. Thus, if you use cigarette holder, those around you won’t be exposed greatly to the smoke.

So, it may be said without a shadow of a doubt that cigarette holder is a very useful, wholesome and stylish accessory that real cigarette amateur should possess.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.

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