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Published on August 7th, 2012 00:00
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Cigarette smoking has become a very popular habit among a great number of people all around the world. The history of smoking dates back to the 11 century, when people used tobacco in different rituals and medical practices.
Nowadays giant tobacco companies gladden smokers with more innovative and qualitative cigarette brands. Even the most fastidious cigarette aficionados will find their best products from the hundreds of cigarettes available at present tobacco market. Such leading tobacco companies as Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Reynolds Tobacco Company and Japan Tobacco produce the best-selling and world-known cigarettes that already occupied their niche in the market.

Here are the top selling cigarette brands:
Marlboro – is the world’s number one and most demanded cigarette brand ever made. Marlboro’s volume is greater than its following three competitors combined. It is the best-selling cigarette brand in every state and the most favorite brand of many men and women worldwide. Marlboro has gained global popularity due to its rich taste and flawless aroma. A great range of Marlboro cigarettes is currently available in the market in various sizes and flavors.
Winston – the first filtered cigarettes appeared on tobacco market in 1954. Brand’s popular slogan “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” raised many debates but at the same time made these cigarettes popular. At present Winston brand is one of the top ten cigarettes across the world.
Camel –were the first cigarettes with an innovational packaging design which was before unknown to the cigarette markets. Camel cigarettes also possessed a milder taste that other cigarettes of those times. In 2005, Reynolds Tobacco added a blend of Turkish tobacco to these cigarettes giving Camel cigarettes a pleasant flavor when burned.  
Parliament – is an elite cigarette brand, famous for its recessed paper filters. Thus Parliament cigarettes seem larger in size than other cigarettes containing foam filters. Due to this filter, smoke lovers get an enjoyable and pleasant smoking experience. Parliament cigarettes are available in an astonishing assortment to satisfy all preferences and demands.
Red & White – is a famous low-cost cigarette brand manufactured by the giant tobacco company Philip Morris International. This qualitative brand is mostly preferred by middle class people and is available in a great variety.
L&M – were launched for the first time in 1953. These cigarettes amazed all smokers with their unique white version filter. L&M have been innovative cigarettes for about fifty years and till today continue to astound people. There are many different styles of L&M that will certainly satisfy every smoker’s tastes.
Lucky Strike – also known as Luckies, were launched in 1916 in an attempt to surpass Camel brand. Probably the main qualities that distinguish Lucky Strike from other brands are modern design, a truly refined combination of ingredients, mild flavor and affordable price. These cigarettes possess toasted tobacco and not sun dried as in similar products.
Classic – are considered by many smokers as one of the most finest and flavorful cigarettes. Classic cigarettes guarantee smooth taste and a pleasant smoking experience. This brand has a saturated and full-bodied flavor being “classic” in the full sense of this word.
Glamour – the most favorite cigarette brand among women smokers having a stylish and elegant design. The main feature of these cigarettes is that they are made of high quality tobaccos imported from Asian countries. A sophisticated content of Glamour cigarettes gives smokers a calming taste whereas a great flavor makes each puff an unbelievable smoking experience.
Davidoff – is a popular luxurious brand. These smokes have an amazing flavor and are packed in a very beautiful package. Davidoff cigarettes represent elegance and refinement. There are many qualities that discern Davidoff from other brands; probably the most important is the length of Davidoff cigarettes constituting 93 mm, which allows smokers a possibility to enjoy their cigarette for a longer time.
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