Ban on Smoking is Senseless Action

Published on January 29th, 2010 11:34

Being a destructive element of smoker’s life, smoking has become an object of constant society debates long time ago. Virtually, ban on smoking is a long-duration battle, which seems to come from a bottomless pit.

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Regardless the fact that there were and are still issuing laws on smoking ban, which includes the limitation of tobacco products marketing, increasing in tobacco taxes, the prohibition of tobacco selling to under-age persons, the accomplishment of control under tobacco smuggling, the reducing of public smoking areas etc. The number of similar anti-smoking actions is endless. Still it doesn’t help and the rate of persons, interested in smoking, grows with breakneck speed. And this general smoking epidemic cannot be prevented.

On Word No Tobacco Day, 31st May and Children’s day, 1st June, Chinese Consumers’ Association claimed that smoking is ubiquitous. Wherever you look, far and wide is something that is connected with this evil. Current movie industry is overfilled with movies where are presented actors with a cigarette.

“Many movies and TV dramas are permeated with the scene of smoking, which hasn’t been taken under control.” Therefore, it calls on the regulation of the “smoking movies and dramas” and suggests that the regulation of “the excessive presentation of drinking, smoking and other abusive habits should be cut or modified”, stated the representative of the given Association.

By banning of smoking scenes, they hope to reduce the complete smoking disease. Though banning such movie scenes is senseless and won’t bring any positive desired results. We have already seen a lot of films where the problem of smoking, drinking, and drugs was demonstrated. Besides that there exist another channels and means from which people extract adverse information. To ban public smoking and prevent expansion of young smoker are what most people want to do, but without proper method, it is not easy matter to be done.

Another way to stop smoking expansion is to involve in this process all-powerful mass media. In this are convinced Chinese culture experts. They suppose that public TV shows, programs, advertisements with anti-smoking conception are able to change people’s attitude towards detrimental habit. The more and more people will truly recognize the destructive effect of cigarette if the lamentable situation of those people, who suffer from lung cancer, will be showed in popular science publicity. The public effect of media is more efficient than of “ban movies with smoking scene”. The experts also accentuate that the Ministry of Education should think of introducing a rule saying that teachers of the whole comprehensive schools should organize some no-smoking exhibitions for pupils and show popular science films during specially designated for such cases lessons.

Still nothing can bring a smoker to reason until he understands by himself what this harm, in point of fact, means and how cardinally it can influence on his health.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer Copyright © 2010 TobaccoPub. All rights reserved.

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