Are Nicotine-Free Cigarettes Useful in Quitting Smoking?

Published on March 11th, 2010 08:24

Tobacco is known to be one of the nastiest individual habits in human society. Yet, all the health risks have not prevented millions of people from trying tobacco products.

The greater part of smokers have made at least one attempt to quit smoking, however, only 4 of 10 smokers are capable of kicking down their habit cold turkey. For others the pharmaceutical industry has created a number of products designed to assist smokers in overcoming their addiction.

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However, many smokers admit that such cessation therapies are not effective, since they provide no help in getting rid of mental part of addiction, for instance, having a cigarette between lips. Recently, scientists found out that a nicotine-free cigarette can help such inveterate smokers.

According to a research performed by the Minnesota State University scientists and published in Minnesota Public Health Journal, nicotine-free cigarette are efficient in helping to quit smoking, particularly for experienced regular smokers.

The study, which was sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, was based on a survey of 165 female and male-smokers, of middle age, who have been puffing for 15 years and more.

All the participants were divided in three groups. The first group had to use nicotine replacement therapies to give up smoking; the second group was given ordinary cigarettes, with low amount of nicotine; and the third group used nicotine-free cigarettes to quit smoking.

The smokers ought to use the above-listed products during six weeks, after which they had to undergo medical tests. The researched compared the results of the tests and made an interesting discovery.

The research demonstrated that 19 out of 53 members of the third group managed to overcome their addiction, in contrast to just 7 smokers out of 52 from the second group which was trying to give up smoking using low-nicotine cigs.

Dr. Dorothy Hatsukami, the leader of the research, stated that they as well discovered that nicotine-free cigarettes were almost as helpful as nicotine lozenges in coping with nicotine addiction.

The scientist admitted that the number of smokers who managed to quit in the groups that consumed nicotine troches and nicotine-free smoking has been about the same since nicotine medications are helpful in coping with nicotine withdrawal, whereas nicotine-free cigarettes assist smokers in kicking down the mental part of their dependence.

Dr. Hatsukami mentioned that due to some unknown reason nicotine-free cigarettes are not manufactured by American cigarette-makers; however, may smokers buy them through online tobacco stores. Such cigarette have no or only 0.1 milligram of nicotine, while the majority of ultra light cigarette contain at least 0.4 mg

The leader of the research team also noted that for majority of smokers imitating the process of smoking may be sufficient to cope with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, while conventional smoking-cessation therapies are not efficient in overcoming the mental part of addiction, like having a smoke with a coffee in the morning.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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