A Guide in Tobacco Types and Classifications

Published on February 15th, 2013 00:00
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Tobacco Types

Virginia is undoubtedly the most famous tobacco type implemented in pipe tobacco these days. Approximately 60% of the American tobacco crop is Virginia. Virginia is the finest of all blending tobaccos and has the greatest level of natural sugar, which usually allows it a mild sweet taste. Virginia is applied in nearly all mixtures, is a good burner and helps in lighting. It gives a light charming taste when utilized in moderation. Pure Virginia tobacco is commonly known from flake types. Dunhill is a great example of Virginia tobacco, medium in strength and a very lovely in taste.

Burley tobacco is the second most widely used tobacco for pipe tobacco blending. It includes nearly no sugar, which provides a much dryer and richer flavor than Virginia. Burley is widely used in different aromatic mixtures as it absorbs the flavorings. Burley tobacco burns gradually and is a cool smoke, which makes it a great supplement to mixtures that have a tendency to burn quick and strong. - “White burley” - pure tobaccos taste with a tender nature that will never “bite.” The specialized term for Burley is “air cured”. This air curing is carried out in big open barns, by the organic air flow during one or two months. The color is varying from light brown to reddish-brown

Oriental is a kind of tobaccos, cultivated in Turkey, the Balkans, and Russia. The most popular types are Izmir, Samsun, Yenidji, Cavella and Bursa. A common feature is a dusty, dry and often somewhat acidulous aroma. Many of them are also applied in “exotic” cigarettes from Egypt and other Arab countries.

Tobacco Classifications

Air-Cured: These tobaccos are dried out in a natural way, hidden from sunlight in big barns. The drying is completed on the entire plant or as individual leaves. Sugar is a co-product of this three month seasoning procedure.

Dark Tobaccos: These tobacco plants are highly full-fledged and progressed at the time of picking. The leaf is exposed to a next fermentation process. These leaves are used to produce cigars.

Fire-Cured: Akin to Dark, its pure drying is accomplished by a wood-fired fumigation.

Sun-Cured: Practically all of Oriental Tobaccos are treated by this process. Oriental Tobaccos are cultivated in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and various neighboring countries.

Tobacco Arrangement by Cut

Flake cut: Tobacco packed as sizeable, flat flakes. It should be grated out in order to split the flakes.

Ribbon cut: Tobacco sliced into long, slim ribbons, however not as long or as fine as Shag.

Cube cut: Compressed tobacco cut into small square portions.

Shag: Tobacco shredded finely, which is recognized as Sherlock Holmes’ favorite type.

Navy cut: Historically tobacco was placed in a long thin fabric tube and sprained tight. This is typically a slow burning tobacco

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